Montag, 18. Juni 2018

Kirchliches Areal als jüdisches Displaced Persons-Krankenhaus (DP) in St. Ottilien / 1945-1948


DP Hospital  Sankt Ottilien 1945-1948
Ausstellung und Rundgang seit 10. Juni 2018 bis 23. September 2018 

Room in the Retreat House transformed as dormitory for wounded soldiers

Die neue Außenbeschilderung des Klostergeländes wird die Nutzung des kirchlichen Areals als jüdisches Displaced Persons-Krankenhaus und -Lager erfahrbar machen.

Aerial view of the monastery today with sites of the former DP camp

Site Map
1. Delivery ward and Nursery (today a guest house)
2. Houses for medical staff (today houses for employees)
3. Administration Center for UNRRA (no longer exists)
4. Hospital: rooms for patients (today guest and retreat house)
5. First floor: Torah school; second floor: rooms for the nurses (today home for refugees)
6. Hospital: surgery and rooms for patients, in the basement kosher kitchen (today middle school)
7. Hospital/monastery: operating rooms, x-ray facility, dispensary and rooms for medical staff (moved out in March until July 1947 in favor of the returning monks and mainly transferred to 6)
8. Hospital/monastery: rooms for patients (moved out in summer 1947 for the returning monks)
9. Building used as a store room for the Hospital in the basement (clothes and food) and as a tailor’s shop in the upper rooms. The large room („library“) served as a synagogue (no longer exists)
10. DP Hospital cemetery

Die Ausstellung in der Galerie des Klosterladens vertieft dabei ausgewählte Aspekte der Geschichte von St. Ottilien in den Jahren 1945-48.

Ort: Galerie im Klosterladen,
St. Ottilien
Laufzeit: seit 10.06.2018-23.09.2018

Erzabtei St. Ottilien
86941 St. Ottilien

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